The exhibition will take place in the palace park in Krotoszyce, 10 km from Legnica and 70km from Wrocław.

Krotoszyce Palace is a 17th-century estate – with manor and historic buildings, a 6-hectare park. The property is picturesquely located in the Kaczawa Valley. The advantage of the Krotoszyce Palace is its convenient location – a few kilometers from Legnica and the A4 motorway, not far from the national road No. 3. In less than an hour you will reach Wrocław safely and comfortably. From Krotoszyce it is also close to the capitals of our neighbors – Czech Prague and Berlin. We also offer little-known, but quiet and charming Kaczawskie Foothills.

The palace in Krotoszyce was built in 1600, probably by Hans Sebaldus Heinrich, originally serving as a defensive castle with a moat. After the builder’s death, subsequent owners renovated and rebuilt the building until 1686, when Florian Gottlob von Thielau gave it the shape of a neo-baroque palace. This is evidenced by the date preserved in the coat of arms above the entrance. Despite the reconstruction in the mid-nineteenth century and renovation in 1964, the palace did not lose its shape.

Exhibition Address:

Pałac Krotoszyce
ul. Parkowa 3
59-223 Krotoszyce

GPS coordinates: