Akita Cup

Over 20 years ago, a group of Italian breeders who were involved in the development of the Akita breed in Europe decided to organize an exhibition of this unique breed. This initiative quickly spread throughout Europe. Today Akita Cup meetings are attended by breeders and enthusiasts from all over Europe. The meetings are an opportunity to exchange breeding experiences, talks, conferences and evaluation of dogs by Japanese experts.

Akita Cup meetings were held in Italy, once in Germany and for the fourth time in Poland.

Akita Cup is an opportunity to learn about fascinating Japanese culture. Until now, you could take part in the tea ceremony and admire the performances of Japanese martial arts masters. As part of the event, a gala dinner is organized, but kept in a relaxed atmosphere. Many participants come to this dinner in Japanese costumes.

We invite you to participate in the Akita Cup Poland 2021. It will be held, as every year in Krotoszyce on September 25-26.